Hotel Europa & Concordia - Struttura ricettiva Alassio

At the Hotel Europa & Concordia, we bring passion and commitment to deliver flawless service and an unforgettable dining experience. We’re here to welcome you and tantalise your taste buds with authentic local flavours.

Our bar offers a cosy, sophisticated setting where you can spend some quality time relaxing and mingling. We have a wide selection of cocktails, wines and cool drinks for you to enjoy, accompanied by delicious snacks and refreshments made with care by our chefs.

Drawing on our passion for good food, we offer an unforgettable dining experience. Visit our restaurant to discover authentic, traditionally Ligurian flavours made even more special by our chefs’ creativity and originality.

Traditional dishes

The most delicious traditional Ligurian and Italian cuisine, made with care and passion by our experienced chefs. Behind every authentic and satisfying dish are the story and proud culinary traditions of our region.

Options for vegetarians and intolerances

We pay close attention to our guests’ needs and offer custom menus for vegetarians and people with coeliac disease, providing a wide variety of delicious dishes to suit everyone’s dietary preferences or needs.